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Solving modern advisory problems.

The Wealth, Insurance, and Healthcare fields each have unique shortcomings that advisors and providers can’t fix on their own. InterGen’s Life Event Data offers each of these industries unique and wide scale solutions.

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InterGen’s Life Event Data works not only for your clients, but your industry as well.

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Wealth Management

Solving the problem of life's unpredictability.

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Plan for what matters.

Financial projections get stuck in time. Too often based on short-term assumptions and market averages, they can’t reflect the true events that change your clients’ outcomes. Advisors tell clients we can’t predict the markets, then why base your plans primarily on them? What if you could predict life events instead? Life events like…





health events

Health Events

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Solving the problem of risk.

Actuarial data can only get you so many insights, and like wealth planning, most of the recommendations are founded on averages. Too much insurance coverage lacks specificity and the effects can be negative for customers.

Overpaying for coverage that’s not needed.
Being under protected from unforeseen risk.
Insurance that doesn’t adapt to a customer’s life stages.
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Solving the problem of reactive care.

Healthcare providers, especially those treating people later in life, are at the mercy of their patient’s self-disclosure. That means most care is reactive. But through Life Event Data, healthcare providers could actually provide proactive recommendations.

InterGen's Real-World Results

Curious how InterGen is changing the world of advising, healthcare, and technology? Read one of our case studies below.

Spectrum Health

Our predictive AI helped change the face of modern healthcare.


Our AIML technology helped MetLife create easier, more effective open enrollments.


Helping brokers and RIAs meet compliance regulations and earn more business.

Get more clarity.
Give more clarity.

Are you ready to become a leader in your industry using Life Event Data to help your clients or patients?

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