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Curious how InterGen is changing the world of advising, healthcare, and technology? Read one of our case studies below.

MetLife Case Study

How will AI and Machine Learning shape the future of investing?

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jaccomo Case Study

How InterGen helped keep a broker within compliance regulations with AI.

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The Spectrum Case Study

InterGen Data helped Spectrum change the face of home healthcare. Read how at the link below.

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What’s new with InterGen Data and its advancing technology

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Conversations about Ai

InterGen Data insights about the world of AI and ML


How is technology going to improve your planning and advising


Some thoughts on how technology helps protect your clients


How AI and ML can change the face of healthcare

What industry leaders are saying about InterGen Data.


“We’re excited to work with InterGen Data to expand the use of synthetic health data to provide value for individuals to make more informed decisions about their financial journey.”

Michael D. Lesh

Syntegra Founder & CEO

Spectrum Health Solutions

“The experience of working with the InterGen Data team was satisfying, collaborative and enlightening. They promised analytics that are insightful, actionable, and uniquely tailored to an individual, and they delivered on all three.”

Tina Freese Decker, MHA, MSIE, FACHE

Spectrum Health Solutions


“The InterGen Data system was impressive because of its predictive capabilities and the insights it provides leading to “actionable” steps. It is in effect, unlocking existing data to the benefit of the employee, the employer, and ultimately, us at MetLife as the provider of the benefits package. Everyone wins.”

MetLife Sales Director



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