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Life is full of life events

What If We Could Predict Your Customer’s Future?

You’ve seen the impact of life’s uncertainties on your clients, friends, or even family. How much of that difficulty could have been alleviated, or even avoided, with better advising?

How much of someone’s future could you improve if you saw it coming?

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Our AI/ML technology unlocks your client’s Life Events.

The key to better advising isn’t more data. There’s plenty of it in the world. The challenge is getting the best insight from the existing data that truly improves a plan. Here’s how InterGen does just that.

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Our proprietary data

Our data set is made up of 158 million records, containing 12.6 billion data points.

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Our proprietary AI and ML technologies predict life events and uncovers risk.

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Your Customer’s Data

Your client inputs their data into our web-based application or through an API, providing the only thing that's missing to uncover better, more accurate advising.

Data analysis you can truly plan with.

In a matter of seconds, your clients can understand not only the wealth and health events that will most likely occur to them, but when and how it will impact their financial future.


12 wealth events

We predict major wealth events like marriage, divorce, kids, changing jobs, retirement, and more.


81 health events

27 types of cancer, 23 types of organ illnesses, 22 types of heart and artery issues, and 7 types of brain and neurological disorders.

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Intergen data partners with predictiv

The future of life event prediction starts right here.

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What your client’s provide.

Our goal is getting you the best insights possible so you can help your client’s plan well. For that, we use key insights from your clients, so the future they craft is their own.

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7 non-PII data points

From those 7 data points, we can predict 12 of the 40 major wealth related events.


18 data points more

Lets us predict 81 potential health events, including cancers, organ illnesses, etc.

Data shows the future.

What would your client’s say if you could show them the future and help them prepare for it? Ready to find out?

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