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Helping MetLife make enrollments easier and more effective

Open enrollments can be confusing and inefficient for many. InterGen helped to uncover the best protections with AI.

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Case Studies

Met Life

Streamlining Open Enrollments


Global Insurance firm Met Life needed a way to help one of their clients, a large company with over 1,000 employees, conduct an Open Enrollment for coverages in an easier and more streamlined way.


Open Enrollment is often a difficult, strenuous, and complex undertaking. Insurers, Insurance Brokers, and Employers have struggled with making this process a simple, intuitive, and personalized.


InterGen Data used its Life Stage and Life Event predictive AI to personalize insurance coverage for individuals, and uncover where there might be unseen or unprotected risk.


This not only made the process of Open Enrollment less tedious and complex, but also helped Met Life find the right products that met the customer’s current needs, while also identifying the unseen needs that would be surfacing, based on InterGen’s findings.

Read the Full Case Study.

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