The future of planning is data

AI and Machine Learning that empowers how you provide advice

How do you help clients effectively plan for their finances, healthcare, or insurance needs? By showing them the future.

Companies are missing important data insights.

Modern advising and healthcare is based primarily on averages found in existing client and patient data. But averages are the most basic insights you can get from data. That means financial and health planning isn’t as smart as it could be, and it’s costing their companies money. Many advisors already know this. But is there anything to be done about it?

“The InterGen Data system was impressive because of its predictive capabilities and the insights it provides leading to “actionable” steps. It is in effect, unlocking existing data to the benefit of the employee, the employer, and ultimately, us at MetLife as the provider of the benefits package. Everyone wins.”

MetLife Sales Director

InterGen’s AI/ML makes accurate predictions.

Life Events pave the way.

Your clients input a handful of data points into our application. Then, with InterGen’s AIML technology and proprietary data, you can accurately predict up to 93 Life Events related to health and wealth.

That means planning that isn’t based on averages, but on actualities. Prediction, rather than possibility.

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Start with our data

InterGen’s proprietary data encompasses 158 million records and counting.


What we measure

Those 158 million records give us approximately 12.6 billion data points to analyze.

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Your customer’s data

Another 7 gives us 12 more Wealth events. Using 18 Non-PII points gives us 81 Health events.

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Prediction down to a science

Accurately predicting 93 Life Events means planning not based on averages, but on actuality.

Reimagining Investing with A.I.

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InterGen’s stamp on the fintech stage.

Our stellar record in competition and as a recipient of awards is only the beginning of our work. We use today’s successes to drive yours tomorrow.

Your data is powerful.

If you’re ready to help your clients and patients prepare more accurately for the future, then we want to hear from you.

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