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In this video webcast series we will discuss the importance of Life Events and their impact on one’s financial journey.


As we are all aware, “COVID-19” has forever changed how banks, financial services, and insurance companies will conduct business.  However, the fact still remains that almost 60% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck, doesn’t have enough in savings to last 3 months, and can’t afford an unexpected bill of more than $400. While the other 40% who are well on their way to retirement they are now more concerned about their nest egg, their estate plans, and do they have enough money to survive a long-term or a critical life event.


Therefore, we will be interviewing some of today’s best-known FinTech Companies, Industry Consultants, Practitioners, and Service Providers to get their view on Life Events.  and if they are using them to help companies; Differentiate their products and services, add to their Value Proposition, and/or operate within a Fiduciary, Suitability, and Best Interest environment.


Syntegra Partners with InterGen Data


to Provide a Safe Way of Leveraging Healthcare Records to Predict Life Events Syntegra’s proprietary synthetic data engine can help…

ForwardLane Partners with InterGen Data for Life-Event Insights


September 20, 2022 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / — ForwardLane, the AI-powered, Decision…

Wealth Science Podcast #6 – Robert Kirk from InterGen Data