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InterGen Data Partners with Predictiv to Enhance its Critical Illness Life Event Prediction Models

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Partnership with Predictiv to integrate anonymized Genetic data into its patent-pending algorithms
June 02, 2022 12:42 PM Central Daylight Time

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterGen Data, Inc. today announced a partnership with Predictiv to enhance its critical illness prediction capabilities. As part of this partnership, InterGen Data will integrate and utilize Predictiv’s fully anonymized next-generation DNA sequenced data to improve the accuracy of its Patent-Pending Life Stage/Life Event algorithms “LS/LE.”

“Over the last few years, the one thing that has startled everyone has been the cost of healthcare. Consumers have come to realize that their financial plans, risk models, and insurance policies just aren’t enough,” said Robert J. Kirk CEO of InterGen Data. Kirk further stated “Don’t misunderstand me … these systems and platforms do a really good job, but when it comes to unexpected events, chronic illnesses, and disability, they all rely on manual input. In other words, when someone plans to get Cancer, have a Heart Attack, or lose a loved one.”

“We are excited to partner with InterGen Data to further enhance their Critical Illness life event prediction models,” said Sajung Yun CEO of Predictiv. “Our data is based on the most advanced DNA next generation sequencing where we sequence all 20,000+ genes against all known diseases (22,000) as well as 45 of the most important medications,” Yun further stated.

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) article “Americans’ Challenges with Health Care Costs” by Audrey Kearney, Liz Hamel, Mellisha Stokes, and Mollyann Brodie, healthcare costs top the list of expenses that people are having difficulty with. According to the study, people are more concerned with the ability to afford out-of-pocket healthcare costs than their rent or mortgage (see figure 1). This has also led to more than half of the respondents skipping or delaying seeking proper healthcare.

Americans’ Challenges with Health Care Costs

InterGen Data, Inc. currently predicts 93 individual Life Events in two basic categories: Health and Wealth. These events include but are not limited to the following: Wealth (Marriages, Divorce, Cars, Homes, Children, Business, etc.) and Health (27 types of Cancer, 21 types of Heart issues, Brain, and Organ illnesses, etc.). InterGen Data can predict 12 wealth-related life events with as little as 7 non-personally identifiable information “PII” attributes and can predict 81 chronic illness events with 18 additional data attributes. Once modeled, the data produced includes information about what events are likely to happen, the year that these events have the highest probability of occurrence, and how much they could potentially impact one’s financial future (inflation-adjusted).

Predictiv – Predictiv uses the most advanced DNA testing: next-generation sequencing. We screen for the mutations or variations present in all your genes against all known diseases and the most important medications. Now you can make more informed decisions on your health. Predictiv uses their next-Generation Genetic Testing and Analysis to create a personalized digital twin where you can access genetic counseling and a healthcare concierge through their award-winning precision-medicine platform.

About InterGen Data, Inc.

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen Data) is an AI-based Machine Learning company revolutionizing how financial professionals prepare their clients for impactful life events. InterGen Data’s proprietary algorithms identify the likelihood of a life event occurring, what that event could be, and how much of an effect it would have on the client’s financial future. Their Data as a Subscription “DaaS” and service bureau model delivers actionable insights to financial services firms, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to assist them in identifying coverage gaps, locating hidden risks, and unearthing revenue opportunities.

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About Predictiv

Predictiv was founded by recognized genomics experts, Sajung and Sijung Yun, Predictiv has been built on the academic expertise and the entrepreneurship experience that is required to change the way medicine is done today. The mission of Predictiv is simple – provide people the solution to have the absolute most happy, healthy, and long life. Predictiv plans to provide health and analytical data on virtually all aspects of health. While we are starting with genomic sequencing and genetic testing, we plan to launch a fully scaled health and medical data platform, which will also bring the world of nutrition and fitness into the future.

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